Sunday, March 7, 2010

weekend recap

this post is going to be sooo random and boring. just skip the reading and enjoy the pictures!
nothing too exhilerating but fun nonetheless! (i really have no idea if i spelled most of that sentence correctly...) if you really care you can read about friday below. saturday we had lunch at sundown and then went to a baby shower for my friend valerie. soon, olivia will have a girl to play with! all these boys my friends keep having are to much!

i was feeding her puffs and yogurt melts and looked over and she had yogurt melts on her nose!

today we took a trip to walmart. this may not be a big deal but this was only olivia's 3rd time there. now that she's sitting in the buggy instead of her carseat she's a much happier camper! then, outside for more pics! this is my new thing. go sit in the front yard and take pictures. i'm not sure why i do that. but, it's fun for me to yell at olivia while the neighbors stare at me! i'm trying to practice with the big camera but i figure if i don't start going somewhere else then i'll only know how to take pics in the front yard! maybe one day soon the grass will be green again...and just for fun; bedhead olivia. people tell me all the time how great it must be to have a baby with hair. well, at least they don't have to deal with the bedhead! you can actually see it in most of her pics. she sleeps with her left side down so that side is always fuzzy/sticking out!

thanks, julie, for the great shirt!


  1. Cute pictures and I love your bangs!

  2. I look beautiful, and I LOVE the pic of Olivia in the front yard! The lighting is sooo good! And, I must say, the bedhead is precious :).

  3. Love the dress that Olivia has on in the header picture! LGT had that and I cannot remember if I sold it at kool kids...anyhow, it looks presh on her!