Friday, March 19, 2010


ugh. &*^%$#@&^!$*#!@^#&*$% that's my list of expletives.

i hate to be negative but i'm so tired of olivia getting sick! here we are again. a fabulous weekend planned only to be bit in the butt by a viral infection which we all know you can't give meds for. we just have to wait it out.

this started wednesday. olivia's father was taking her to the doc on my insistence b/c of a cough and congestion that had lingered just a little to long. he picked her up from daycare and she was fine. when they got to the doc she had a 102 fever. who knew? blood work was fine; flu and rsv negative; ears fine. that leaves a urine test. my poor baby girl had to have a catheter inserted to collect the urine. i'm told it wasn't pretty.

so, thursday she wakes up with 101 fever so i stay home with her. she's fine all day until about 5:30 when her fever spikes to 103. great. a call to the after hours clinic in monroe lands us there at 7pm. again, blood and ears look fine.

today. wakes up with fever so rett stays home with her. she slept all morning after her breakfast bottle. that can't be a good sign... a call to the doc about lunch lands us over there at 3 this afternoon. her urine test from wed was negative. blood today is fine, ears and all are fine. so, we have a viral infection. ugh. i HATE those two words. i want someone to tell me "this" is what she has and "this" is how you treat it! is that too much to ask???

so, our fabulous weekend plans have been pushed to the side to stay at home and nurse this fever. oh well, at least i'll get some quality time with my baby girl. and, hopefully, some laundry and a to-do list a mile long done!

i asked dr. khanfar "so, short of me quitting my job and staying home with her how can i keep her from getting sick once a month?" it was a rhetorical question and i knew the answer. it's not possible.

sorry, no pics tonight. i'm too tired to go get the camera card to upload them. i promise to post some at some point this weekend though they may just be of us in our pj's! i hope you all enjoy your weekend. my saving grace - the weather is suppose to be GROSS tmrw. i hope that doesn't mess up your plans!


  1. hey Jessie! I hate that you and Ms. Olivia are going through such a yucky time! I will say a prayer for that sweet baby and for you too.... I know it's gotta be hard when you can't do anything for your baby!

  2. Hang in there. I have one that was just like that. The first 2 years of her life, she had antibiotics 4 times for ear infection. After PE tubes, no more needed, but the lovely saying "it's VIRAL Let it run it course" was getting old. We battled with the fevers and the fussy baby that just didnt feel well. Finally @ 4 yrs old, the tonsils were removed and Praise the Lord, she has been well ever since except for the normal seasonal snots or stomach bug occasionally. Parenting is the hardest job in the world!! The viral infections I think, are the DEVIL!!!! lol

  3. How did that sitter work out that you asked about? Hate that she is so sick. Thinking of y'all:(

  4. Awee....poor Olivia. Thinking of ya'll and I pray that she gets well soon!