Friday, September 9, 2011

football season is upon us

i’ve been slacking in the blogging dept.  i’ve been called out by more than one person.  i’m sorry!  honestly, we haven’t been doing a whole lot b/c it’s been SOOO hot.  but now that cooler weather has hit i’m planning many more fun outings!

last weekend i met some friends at the dawghouse to watch the tech game on tv.  we got there at 6 for a 9pm kickoff and they let us stay until almost 1 when the game was over.  needless to say i was tired!


tmrw is the first home game and i’m giddy like a kid in a candy store.  after running several errands in monroe tmrw morning i’ll be heading to the hill to tailgate!  olivia’s spending the weekend in winnsboro b/c i have a big day sunday dealing with kd and bid night so she’s missing the first game.  but don’t worry; she wore her cheerleader suit today and will wear it again tmrw and will not miss another home game!  and gg bought her a set of pompoms so i’m expecting lots of cheering in the ‘boro this weekend!

IMG_9969 IMG_9970 IMG_9968

go dawgs!!

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