Saturday, September 3, 2011

the wonderful wizard of oz

mock rush was this morning.  olivia usually really enjoys this.  well, to be honest her first time she was only about 3 months old and last year she was still too young to care about anything!  when i dressed her this morning in her wizard of oz dress we talked about each character and how they would be there.  she was so excited to take a picture with the lion and scarecrow!  but…plans change!  she didn’t want to have anything to do with them!  she did end up letting brooke hold her.  brooke is one of our favorite sitters and it will be a very sad day when she graduates next fall!  at least i have her for 1 more year!

IMG_9966 IMG_9957 IMG_9958 IMG_9961 IMG_9962 IMG_9965

working with these girls as their standards advisor is really a rewarding experience.  kd gave me so much and this is my way of giving back to kd.  corre stegall said this morning that she could never pay back kd for all it’s done for her so she just pays it forward.  well said! 

know what mock rush means???  FOOTBALL has started!  we’ll be pulling for the dawgs tonight at the dawghouse!  5 hours and counting…  CANNOT WAIT!!

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