Saturday, September 24, 2011

This week

I still don't know how to get pics from this phone to my computer so I'm having to blog from my phone and I'm not a huge fan of this keyboard so please forgive any mistakes! I had the rare pleasure of eating lunch with o this week at log cabin with my mom. Fun times! On Thursday I showed some support for ovarian cancer and had my toes painted teal. Today was spent gearing up for the game and then watching the game. Another very tough loss to ms state. O had a blast playing with Carter and Ella Claire love. Thanks dlove and Missy for coming over to hang with us! A while back I won a Facebook contest from barnes portraiture and was THRILLED!! we got a free sitting and a 16 x 20! Well we got the pic this week and had it framed and it is absolutely amazing! Guy Barnes is sooo good so good at what he does!! I want so badly to post a pic of the finished product but I don't want to break any copyright rules so we'll see. But trust me when I say it is to die for! I have no idea how to arrange pics when posting like this so it's gonna be a surprise to all of us on the formatting of this post! Hope u all have a great weekend!


  1. Glad y'all had a fun week!! Guy is truly the best, isn't he? Glad you LOVE the picture!