Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I think O had a great Halloween! This morning the fairy ghost came to see her!

Today was also her very first time to wear jeans. Just thought I'd note that for future reference.

Then she had her party at school. They had to give her a random tshirt bc she messed up her cute halloween shirt. Clearly she was thrilled to be there.

Tonight we went to Temple's fall festival. I wasn't prepared. Next year we'll just go trick or treating. All O wanted was some candy so we ran to the dollar store and hooked her up! :) before going to Temple we ran by jenny and john's. They didn't have candy so she got an orange. She looked at it and said, "what's that?" Ha!! Then on to dinner at old Mexico, our fav!!

On the way home we smelled the overwhelming smell of orange. Looked back and O had bitten into that thing and was going to town on it!! Said it was great!! Haha!!

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