Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ag expo 2012

What a fun morning! During tax season I help Rett out when I can so he can put in the hours required to keep his job. So this morning I picked o up early and we headed to wm to the Ag expo. I've never attended this event but had heard that it was a fabulous way to wear ur kids out! :) We had a BLAST!! We held and petted chicks, petted a cow, saw several sheep, saw pigs and calfs. But her fav by far were the full size chickens!

She wouldn't stand next to this poor calf by herself and I didn't want to get too close so here's our official photo!

Then she got to drive a tractor!

After a quick lunch we got some ice cream and then headed back so she could nap at her daddy's.

Happy Saturday!
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