Monday, January 16, 2012

Girls day and a little story

Yesterday we had a girls day and it was so much fun. We went to Sunday school and then headed to Monroe.

First stop was to pick up Jackie. She and Brock took forever to answer their door so o stood there screaming Jackie and Brock, I'm here! Come see me!! Finally they answered the door! Then on to lunch with Jackie and Courtney.

After shopping at target for a few necessities we went to see beauty and the beast in 3d. It cost me nearly $30 but was so worth it! At the end o clapped and "princess danced"all the way to the car!

We went to dinner with a friend at dawg house. The juke box was playing some Alice in chains and o entertained a large table of sigma nu's with her mad booty shakin' skillz. They got a good laugh out of her rocking out to that terrible music! She ended her fun filled day with playing in my boots.

Then this morning we had a little situation. I took the trash out before leaving for school/work and she locked me out. Yes. After about 5 min of trying to get her to unlock the door I had to climb through a window. While attempting to fit my 32 year old butt through a window a college kid drove by and asked if I needed help, o laughed at me and told me to get down and I knocked over this candle holder thing that o insisted on cleaning up. It really was funny. I've laughed about it all day. But it better never happen again! And today we reached a new milestone in the nebulizer dept...

She'll now do a treatment outside of my lap. Don't get me wrong, I still prefer her in my lap bc it's about the only snuggling she'll do. But in a time crunch this will have to work.
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  1. I would have liked a picture of you crawling thru the window! Also I love Olivia's dress. SO adorable.

  2. Every time I step outside with my kids inside I think "I hope I can get back in." I hate that it actually happened to you!!!!