Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Quick funny

First, this morning she asked to take mrs. Brooksie a chocolate Santa. I agreed bc in o's words, "she will LOVE this." and tonight I get home and check instagram and see this.

They are learning the letter N this week and today they were supposed to make fruit loop necklaces. I get this picture and text abt 10:30 this morning.

The text went onto say that o told mrs. Brooksie about us being out of milk bc it was bad (expired/out of date) and that I hadn't gone to the store to get more. Sadly, this is all true. Who knew she'd go to school and tell all my secrets!

And bc I'm here I might as well document our week thus far. Nothing too exciting except shelley had her baby! Lake was born Monday morning and is just precious.

While I was at the hospital gg and pops entertained o. They went to toys r us where o picked out a Barbie caboodle. She calls it a box and gets mad when I correct her. She'll learn. Then they went to magic grill and orange leaf.

In other news this week... I just love her.

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