Monday, January 28, 2013

Perfect weather!

For January we had some pretty AWESOME weather this weekend!

Saturday we had a girly morning running errands.

Had to stop and make a wish....

Sunday after church we had some park time. On Saturday John told o he'd go ride his bike with her at the park. Well time got away from us and we didn't go. So Sunday SHE called him and asked him to join her for a bike ride. It was so fun watching those two!

She'll get going and then slam on the breaks and announce she was just going way too fast! I try to assure her she's not going too fast but she doesn't believe me. We'll keep practicing!

This is when she stopped, got out her cell phone and told us she was texting Brett Bell. We were laughing so hard!!

And so Jenny doesn't get left out!

Nice photobomb there.....

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