Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Red face drama

Monday night o complained of a tummy ache. She didn't eat much dinner but otherwise acted fine. Tuesday morning she ate an entire bowl of oatmeal but laid on the floor saying her tummy hurt. Well, we don't stay home for a random complaint so off to school we went. She was pretty pathetic so I told Brooksie to give it an hour and if she didn't perk up to call me. I got a picture text abt 20 min later and clearly she had been playing me. She was fine! That afternoon she had an accident after nap. #2. That has never happened. Chalked it up to a fluke. When I picked her up I noticed she had some redness on her face but thought she just must have been laying on it. Once home it was clear she was having some tummy issues. I gave her some pepto and a little while later noticed her face again. It was red! And she hadn't been laying on it.

After discussing with jenny and a few others I dosed with benedryl, another dose of pepto and off to bed. Woke up today and she was fine! Face only slightly pink (not noticeable except I was looking for it) and NO tummy issues! It's kinda crazy. There is a viral infection called fifths disease that results in a red face. Could have been that. Could have been a fluke. Could be something else that will show up later. Who knows?!? But I'm glad it was short lived!

And major props to the boy for getting off work at 7 this morning, running his errands and then coming to Ruston to keep o so I could go to work after lunch. By the time he got home tonight he'd been up over 24 hours. We are a lucky couple of girls to have a boy that will do that! He deserves a cookie! Or a bag of cookies! And ice cream!! :)

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