Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring has sprung.

With birthday party season in full swing, great weather, friends.

Meg and heath's rehearsal dinner at sundown.

Amelia costanza's 3rd birthday party.

Drew and o at reynold's 4th birthday party.

Meg and heath's wedding.

No shortage of morning pics.

Facebook came up with national sibling day and orange leaf offered buy one get one. So jenny went and picked o up from school and I met them there for an after work/school treat.

Kix brooks concert at rabbs to benefit tech athletics.

Brett Bell's 4th birthday party.

Spring game.

Sundown after the spring game.

Pretty (with purse) for church.

Watching the masters in style.

And this girl got registered for pre-k today. I may have teared up just a tiny bit while waiting in line. Not bc I was sad but bc this time has just flown by. I feel like she was born yesterday. Makes me want to stop time, bottle her up and never allow her to grow up. So tonight we ate on a pallet on the floor and she sat in my lap and we watched my little ponies for way too long. I couldn't help it!

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