Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013

Can't believe I'm posting so late! Friday we headed to Winnsboro. We played outside and hung out with gg and pops. O put out the "magic jelly beans".

Saturday morning we got to see what happened to the jelly beans. They turned into eggs!

Then the 'boro Easter bunny visited.

And then we celebrated Easter with family and friends.

The post office museum has a blue dog exhibit right now so o and I went with wade to see it. We had it all to ourselves!

The real Easter bunny visited o at her day's first and then made a stop by my house. And then o went to church with me and then back to her dad.

Matt and I visited his family Sunday afternoon and then had our 2nd annual Coney Island crawfish Easter date. That's something we're gonna have to keep doing! It was a great weekend!!

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  1. We will have to schedule a visit to see the Blue Dog! We saw a sculpture in City Park in NO at Christmas, and my girls loved it.