Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Vacation 2013 - Orange Beach

We had a GREAT time. For real. She was nearly perfect! Of course we had a daily melt down over teeth brushing but that's not new! Since she's given up the nap I secretly hoped she'd get it back for this trip. No such luck. By 1pm every day she was DONE but would NOT nap. Would only lay on the couch and watch cartoons. Which is fine. She slept soundly every night even though we had to call it a night pretty early every night. We were at the condo and she was out by 9 every night. One night it was as early as 8....

We left Thursday morning and arrived about 4. Threw on her suit and down to the beach we went. And she ran straight for the water and never looked back. We ended the day with dinner at the steamer in orange beach.

Friday started with the beach, then on to Perdido to meet up with the williams clan for massages for the mamas and swimming for the kiddos. at one point matt had 4 girls all over him in the pool. wish i could have seen that but i was busy drooling on the floor during my massage! LOL! and then dinner at the hang out. Terrible food but great entertainment for a child that was begging for bed!

Saturday was more beach followed by rest time and dinner at Cobalt. After dinner we hit up the go cart track. O said she enjoyed it but didn't want to do it again bc it was too loud and made her hands hurt (vibrating...)! Then we attempted some beach pics. And then to end the night we went crabbing. O LOVED that and was bummed we didn't see anything!

Sunday morning was spent at the pool and then lunch at Lulu's. it rained that afternoon but we were able to get about an hour on the beach late before the storm really came in. We ended with dinner at tacky jacks. Another kid friendly choice...

Monday was the beach. I was going to get a tan if I had to give o benedryl and put her under an umbrella. I kid. Kind of. :) so we beached it until she and Matt just couldn't take it anymore and then they left me down there to soak it up. And we ended the night with dinner at the steamer in gulf shores (same as first night but diff location, it's our very fav!) then on to the wharf for a Ferris wheel ride! They have a little carnival area set up but no one was working and none of the rides were on. Big bummer. But the Ferris wheel was a hit!!

We said good bye this morning and stopped on our way out of town for o's first pet. Meet Hermie. She's in love with this thing. So is Matt. He researched it and is now convinced we need another so Hermie doesn't get lonely and die. Thanks brittany williams for agreeing to bring us another on y'all's way back!!

It really was so much fun. I'm so very glad we took her. She says Lulu's was her fav restaurant and cobalt was a close second bc I bought her a pink octopus. She loves the beach and ocean and was sad to leave. We had that in common! Until next year...

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