Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer at its finest

For a weekend that appeared to have only one birthday party on the agenda it turned out to be action packed.

Jackie surprised o on Friday and picked her up abt 9am to go pick blueberries. Then that turned into lunch and a play date with drew. Then after work we took the girls for snow cones. I thought that was the end of our night but as we were finishing our pb&j sandwiches abt 7 the nappers text and asked us all over for s'mores. Well we didn't have plans so off we went! We got home in the middle of the monsoon and I had o in bed by 10 and I just KNEW she was going to sleep late for me....

And she was up at 7 am on Saturday! So we got dressed and headed to the farmers market and then to the store for birthday party gifts and then to Hudson's bday party. The party was so much fun. For the kids and the adults! :)

Water slides aren't just for kids!

So after sliding for about 3 hours we watched a movie and then headed to Jenny's for a miss Louisiana party. The Gatlins and McIntyre's came and we had a great time "critiquing" the contestants. We grilled and enjoyed the company. At 10:30 we were heading home and o talked uncle john into allowing her to spend the night and I got a text right at 11 that she had finally fallen asleep on the couch. So I just knew she'd sleep late....

And jenny texted abt 8:45; she was up. Well that's later than usual... So we got ready and met up with the girls and headed to farmerville. Bryleigh Gracie's gran gran so very graciously had our little group over for swimming and pizza! They have a beautiful home on the lake and I think we broke their new pool in pretty good! The wilkersons, nappers, Cramer's, williams, williefords and us. Us mamas and especially the kids had a blast! We swam from 11:30 until sometime after 3 only stopping for a pizza break. It was a nearly perfect day if you take away the "incident" in the deep end. By the time I got to her brittany napper had jumped in and beat me to her. Thank you so much BN! I never thought she'd jump off the float. I just knew she was too scared. WRONG! But from all accounts she got her head above water and dog paddled until she was safe so maybe those swimming lessons did pay off this year! And no major drama from it bc she walked right back down to the shallow end and got back in! She's nothing if not resilient!

And then when Matt and Shawn got home from their golf tourney we met the Cramer's at log cabin for dinner. And it's now 9:24 and o is still singing to herself in bed. I hear a child that doesn't like to sleep is a child with great intelligence. Anyone know if that's true?!?! :)

This was a pretty perfect summer weekend. No plans that turn into a weekend full of fun and friends. Reminds me so much of growing up. This is what summer is all about!

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