Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to school and birthdays

O starts school on Friday. Her first first day of school. Wow. I'm not nervous about this at all. I guess because I've dropped her off somewhere since she was 9 weeks old. In not anxious about leaving her there or anything but I'm wondering if she'll make friends and be sweet and learn a lot! In preparation for the big day she had to get her first back to school haircut! Brooke took her with instructions for before and after photos. Let me just say that o has never smiled this big for me! They took about 2 inches off and it looks so much healthier!

Matt and I went to a birthday party last night. I do love a theme. And I love to dress up for them. We had fun with this 70s theme!

Who needs cake. Champagne and candles will do! Happy birthday emily!

Tomorrow is pop's birthday. We celebrated this evening in Winnsboro. He'll be 61! I told him he didn't look a day over 49! ;)

I left O there to spend these last few days before school starts. Mom will bring her back Thursday hopefully well rested and ready for the big day! Come Friday she'll officially be a school age child. Omg. Where did the time go??? She is super excited and ready for it! Hope I am!!

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