Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Not a lot going on....

This girl loves Matt. And I'm almost positive he's only dating me bc of her. Poor guy. He cannot tell her no. He can't get on to her. And she thinks he walked on water. She rarely sees him during the week bc of his crazy work schedule but she asks me daily if he's coming over. Makes my mama heart happy.

We went shopping Saturday. The first stop was Dillard's. after about 5 min I heard, "we're going to ride the carousel." I think they were saying it in unison. 30 minutes later this is where I found them!

Monday was o's echo. She had an echo at her first apt right before she turned two. She was most uncooperative. So we tried again a few weeks later and got the same result. At her checkup when she was 3 we agreed to put it off yet another year to (hopefully) make sure we'd get a good one when we did attempt it. Those things aren't cheap!! So back at her checkup this year dr king advised it was time. He still hadn't seen all he wanted to see and needed to "dot his i's and cross his t's." and let me say she did great! Laid perfectly still the entire time! So hopefully there are no surprises and we won't have to have another one for several years.

Still can't say enough great things about that man.

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