Friday, August 23, 2013


Today was the day. We both were so excited! We got up extra early this morning so I could make sure I had everything and so we would have time for pictures. My mom used to always leave notes on napkins and in high school we'd find notes in our books on test days. I almost forgot to write the note today but remembered last minute. Whew!

I love her uniform. I secretly wish it was plaid. :)

Getting dressed she said, "I'm going to look like a boy!" I assured her that boys don't wear dresses and that just bc khaki may not be her color she doesn't have a choice. She took it in stride! :)

Matt even had someone go into work early to relieve him so he could get to Ruston in time for pictures.

During all the picture taking she announced, "mama is bossy." Honey, you ain't seen nothing yet!

And jenny came over too. 2nd year in a row for her. It's becoming tradition.

Rett met us at school for her big day.

She was very shy. Wouldn't talk to anyone even after we practiced what she was supposed to say to everyone. This afternoon she told me she just couldn't do it bc she was too shy.

I already LOVE her teacher, Mrs. Dionna. She is so sweet!

She found her cubby all by herself and loved that it had her name on it. We showed her where to hang her backpack and lunchbox and she assured us she could do it by herself.

And then it was time for us to go. She was gluing/glittering when we left.

I took the afternoon off work so I could be the one to pick her up today. I'm so glad I did that. She had a great day and was talking up a storm. She told me abt her teacher and what they did and what she ate for lunch. She even told me that her teacher read her note to her at lunch. Talk abt making a mama happy! She requested snocones for her treat. Matt met us there and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing and pulling info out of her.

I have no doubt that she's going to have a GREAT year! I'm so excited to see how much she grows and learns!

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  1. My little one loved her year at LPECC. Good luck to both of y'all.

  2. "you ain't seen nothing yet" ... love that!! Looks like she had a great day and that itself is great! =)

  3. what a fun start to school!! How sweet of everyone to come see her off!