Sunday, September 22, 2013

The fair!

But first. Yesterday we had a birthday party for Matt's childhood friends little girl. Let me say. For not knowing a soul there o just walked right on up, sat next to the bday girl for cake and pretty much made herself at home. Lol!

And today we met all our friends in Monroe for the fair. I probably haven't been to a fair since I was in junior high. I VIVIDLY remember the carnies having to stop the tilt-a-whirl bc I was not breathing. I don't know who told them to stop but but I am so glad they did. I do not do rides. Hate them. Even Ferris wheels make me dizzy. Ask o. So anyway, I would have never loaded her up and taken her myself and Matt is working tonight so he slept all day. So in swoop my friends. When planning this shindig I made sure that one of their husbands would be fine with riding with two kids bc this girl just can't do it. I'm so lucky that my friends husbands have kind of adopted us. :) but lucky for us the kids were tall enough to ride by themselves! O HAD A BLAST. And during the swings she and drew were screaming, "this is the best day ever!" (Name that princess....) when asked what her fav part of the fair was she replied, "all of it!!"

Their first roller coaster!

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