Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Making a house a home

And it's only taken 8 years. Several months ago I got "new to me" furniture and painted the living room. My friend Meg Allen (who happens to be an awesome interior designer) said I was nesting. I informed her I was not pregnant! She proceeds to go into this spill about women expecting a life change and nesting the same way a new mom does. Yeah right. Then Matt proposed. Guess she was right!

I've wanted curtains in my house since June of 2005. That's when I originally bought it. Then I wanted them more in April 2011 when I refinanced my house into my own name. Then I got this furniture. As luck would have it the company that Meg works for, Woodvale Interiors, was coming out with a new line of semi-custom curtains. Score! Linen-cotton blend. Lined. Heavy. Gorgeous. But practical enough for my humble abode.

She came over, measured, told me what would look best, picked a color, picked hardware and I came home one day a week or so ago and they were hung!

Here are the specs on these in case anyone is interested:
*linen cotton blend
*can be lined for more privacy (mine are) (this also makes them heavy which makes them hang perfectly.)
*made right here in good old LA (no sweatshop ops here!)
*multiple color/fabric options (just let Meg pick for you. She won't be wrong! Swear!)
*multiple top options (pleats) to choose from
*multiple hardware options to choose from
*AFFORDABLE! They compare price wise to Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn. But the quality is so much better! (This coming from a single mom on a budget!)

I absolutely cannot wait to do my living room. I'm telling Matt that's what I want for Christmas. It may be January before we recover from this wedding, but they will be so worth the wait.

Woodvale is having an open house on October 17 from 4-6 pm to kind of showcase these. Stop by there for a glass of champagne and a bite to eat and have a look for yourself. Tell Meg I sent you. Or come see mine. I'll let you touch them!

And check out this month's Bayou Style. Meg designed the master bedroom/bath in their show house in Monroe! So proud of my friend!

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