Monday, December 7, 2009

memphis, 2009

WARNING - PICTURE OVERLOAD. but, hey, if you read my blog you know that's about every post...
what a great weekend we had! we left thursday morning, dropped olivia off in winnsboro and headed to memphis. rett, jackie, john (jenny's husband) and emily pullin were running in the st. jude half marathon. this was their first one and it was a huge success! my parents brought olivia to us friday night so she could be there to see her daddy finish his first big race! here's a recap of our weekend.

we got to memphis late thursday (7ish - later than planned) so rett didn't get to "check-in" that night. so, we went to beale street for some adult time. jenny and john met us at silky o's and a few drinks and some dueling pianos later, it was time for bed!
friday was a PACKED day. we got up early so rett could check-in for the race. we got there about 10:30 b/c rett SWORE they opened at 10. wrong! they opened at 11; so, we killed time until 11. after that we headed to graceland. yes, graceland. i wanted to do this b/c i remembered it being huge and grand and awesome. it's actually none of those things. it's a somewhat modest house with terrible decor. oh well. we made the best of it!then on to lunch at huey's with jenny, john, jackie and brock, and then to sun studios. elvis and johnny cash recorded here. i'm sure others have to but we skipped the tour so i can't tell you any of them. friday night after my parents arrived with child in tow we had dinner at mcewan's. we could only get a table in the wine cellar - no problem with that! olivia had her first lemon! she loved it. wanted more. couldn't get enough!saturday was race day. the alarm went off at 5:30. that's way too early for me. but, in order to get ourselves and child ready to leave by 6:45 that's what we had to do. we met up with the whole group in the lobby of jackie's hotel. the racer's lined up and we headed to the start line. after watching them cross the start line we dashed over to the mile 3 marker on beale street. brock and matt headed to the mile 10 marker to see them further in the race. then to the finish line. everyone did great! they all finished right at the 2:20 mark, within 2 minutes of each other. they were all in the 1,000's of over 6,000 finishers. that's awesome!

after the race rett, olivia and i headed to germantown to the comissiary. GO THERE NEXT TIME YOU'RE IN MEMPHIS. it's a whole in the wall that matt suggested. we found it and loved it.

while there we got a text that BROCK FINALLY PROPOSED TO JACKIE!!! they're looking at a may wedding.

saturday night was a family dinner at the butcher shop. sorry, no pics.

sunday we were slow to get moving but oh well. we headed to the KD national headquarters. took olivia's picture and then headed home. she told us she wanted to drive so i was going to let her but she couldn't reach the pedals!
we had a great trip and can't wait for next year!


  1. Glad you had a great time!! Your family pic at the top of the blog is great & Olivia (6 months going on 16 years) looks great in the driver's cute!

  2. Love all the pics Jess!! Glad y'all had a good time!

  3. Loved the recap! And great pics, of course. Silky O's, Huey's, the Commisary, and Graceland...good times! Glad you had a good time. Hopefully we'll get to visit with you guys while we're in town for Christmas. I can't believe how big Olivia is getting.

  4. The new photo on your header is so cute!!!!

  5. Looks like a fun time! Olivia is just precious. And, I agree with the gals above, LOVE the header pic!!