Saturday, June 26, 2010

crazy but FUN weekend!

whew! i'm beat! yesterday evening my sister's and i took olivia to the peach fest pet show. it was about a bagillion degrees so we only lasted about an hour. the pets were cute but not THAT cute!
this morning olivia participated in her first athletic contest. let's just say that she is her mama's child! she just stood there like "i'm way to pretty for this"! never took a step at the diaper derby! but, congrats to hudson wilkerson for winning his age division!
at home before the race
pre-race pep talk!
at the starting line
and the race is over. look who's still standing there!
then, this afternoon, we went to hudson's first bday party! it was fun!! emery and i went to high school together, work together, were pregnant together and now are raising our kids together! i don't know what i'd do without her. man, she's been my right arm on certain occasions this past year and i can't thank her enough!!
peek a boo
hudson, emory napper and olivia - o didn't dig the jumper!
between all of this the a/c repairman has been here TWICE today. yes, the new unit wasn't working properly. on this last time he showed me what he found and how he fixed it so cross your fingers... if it breaks again i'm going to go on down to their office and SIT THERE UNTIL THEY FIX IT. i'm also considering giving them my electricity bill that's sky high right now!


  1. LOVE Olivia's smocked rompers. That's pretty funny about the diaper derby. How fun is that though?! Enjoy the peach festival. I sure miss Ruston around this time. =)

  2. Wouldn't have us "doing life together" any different!! So much fun getting to do things together with our babies. Thanks for being there yesterday!

  3. Too funny! Garrett is not a fan of jumpers either!

  4. I love that Olivia just sat there in the Derby. that was sooo Georgia last year. You never know what they're going to do!