Sunday, June 13, 2010

these days

what's olivia up to these days you ask. let me catch you up.

she clearly needs a haircut but i just cant quite do it yet. maybe later.
she's drinking only from sippy cups. cold turkey is the way to go!
she loves playing outside. i wish i loved it as much. do you know how hot it's been??? heck, we're not even in the "hot" portion of summer yet. i'm just going to melt... but, you gotta do what you gotta do; even if it involves melting!
she's pitching fits. teething doesn't help this. she's up to 3 to 5 teeth (i can see 3 but i feel more...all on the sides - she doesn't like me digging in her mouth!) and there is one in the front (more of a side front tooth) that just broke through. fyi - this was a $5 dress from walmart that shelley monogrammed for me! gotta love a bargain!
we've been pool rats this weekend. it was fabulous.
as previously mentioned the teething is starting to get old! i need to count my blessings and thank God that it's happening pretty quickly. at least she's not dragging it out for months! she's not terribly cranky but it's obvious that she's in some pain. just this weekend she became loveable! if i'm sitting in a chair she reaches up for me to hold her. i'll sit her in my lap and she's content for several minutes. it's sweet. she got her 12 month shots saturday. that was fun. she only cried for a minute but dang! those things better be worth it! we made it to sunday school today (to bad the teacher wasn't there - i obviously need to read my emails a little better!) but had to skip church. she just can't go without a nap and she won't sleep in the nursery b/c there's so much going on. now, i did forget her paci (that she ONLY takes at nap and bed time) so they didn't really try to put her down but i can ALMOST guarantee that it wouldn't have mattered. but, we made progress by just going to sunday school. hope you all have a great week!


  1. Don't you dare cut that baby's hair! AND, grease her mouth with baby orajel. . . it's a lifesaver!

    P.S. Could you please teach me how to take away the pacifier? I seem to have a weakness there!

  2. what a cutie!! tried it only a couple of times but try giving her a frozen waffle to help sooth her teeth. she may look at you like you're crazy but she might love it!!

  3. I just wrote you back ony my blog because I hadn't seen where you had a new post yet! She is absolutely precious! We have that same dress from Wal-Mart but in the blue, purple, and green. Perfect play clothes because you don't have to worry about what gets on them. We switched cold turkey to whole milk and sippy cup this weekend and we haven't had a single problem. Definitely the way to go! Emory still only has her two bottom teeth and they still haven't completely come in yet. Doesn't even look like anymore are getting close. At least you are getting them all over with at once! Someone told me that when you put Orajel on them put some in your mouth as well so that you have an idea of when it wears off. You might of heard that, but it worked good for us!

  4. i'm not going to lie. walmart is pretty good in the baby dress dept. lots of $5 options and for play clothes you can't really beat that!

  5. She is adorable. I love the mad, crying face!

  6. Hey Jessie, I just saw your post. Never know when to reply to post or make a new post, so I did both. =) LOVE your blog & I added it to my roll. =) Olivia is a doll. I'm in love with all her cute outfits. Hope all is well!