Monday, June 28, 2010

start spreading the news!

olivia made the daily leader for the first time! no name recognition but definately a picture. i got so excited when jackie emailed me and told me that a coworker brought me the paper after lunch. i immediatly started thinking about where i would store it after i cut it out. my mom and grandmother (probably more so my grandmother b/c my mom just didn't have the time while raising 3 kids!) always cut our pics out of the paper and saved them. needless to say i put "keepsake box" on my walmart list tonight! sorry about the poor picture quality. i had to take a pic of the paper and it just wouldn't come out real well.

we're in the bottom left photo - in the middle
she's the baby standing in front of me (in the middle).
you really can tell it's us in the real paper!


  1. Awesome!!! Was Bennett in there?

  2. She's destined to be a star!