Thursday, June 3, 2010

old friends

this will be short and sweet. i had a great friend several years ago. i'm ashamed to say that we let our friendship grow apart. but, you know you have a true friend when you don't see or speak to that person for 5 years and then have lunch and pick up like no time had passed. julie, i had a great time at lunch today and hope we can do it again! aubrey and olivia will be fast friends! i hate i didn't have my camera with me and all of my old pics are on a disc in a closet but you haven't changed a bit! i'm so excited to renew our friendship!

1 comment:

  1. That is so sweet Jessie, and it means a lot to me. After we left lunch, I told my mom the same thing about our relationship feeling as though no time had ever passed. I have missed you and Jackie and look forward to re-establishing a great relationship with ya'll and between Aubrey and Olivia. I can't wait for the next time! We have to plan something for a longer time than just lunch though!