Saturday, March 12, 2011

finally, some new pics!

i've been slacking in the photo dept lately but honestly we've not done anything real exciting in about 2 weeks so... you've seen these a hundred times, playing in the backyard, but she loves it so much i can't help it!
we now swing in the "big girl" swings. i guess we're almost 2 going on 7. :)
i kind of wish there wasn't a ladder and grill in the background of this pic; i really like it! shortly after this was taken i realized she was actually on the table so she got in trouble. whoops!
i have no idea where this plastic softball came from. it was a toy of oscar and hootie's (i don't know where they got it) and now o loves it. maybe it's time to invest in some new outdoor balls.
after nap today (rant time: my child hasn't napped more than an hour in several weeks. and i want her to sleep for at least 1.5 hours. is that asking too much? well, i had to get a sitter today b/c i had a lunch meeting and wouldn't you know she slept for almost 2 hours! why can't she do that when i'm home with her so i can get some stuff done???) we went to monroe to return a few things and to look for fabric for some chairs i'm recovering. o was pretty hyped up so by the end of our fabric store experience i was starting to get some looks. she wasn't bad, persay, just hyper. very hyper. and she doesn't quite understand what an inside voice is. but her squeal is pretty cute! anyway, i bent down to have a chat with her and knew she needed to be changed. right then jackie said she'd take her outside while i finished my purchase. i handed her the keys and said she needed to be changed. jackie is SUCH A GREAT AUNT that she informed me she was not doing that! so i rap it up in the store and go out to change her and lo and behold...well, let's just say we had to come on home with no pants on. yep. our monroe trip was cut short but at least i got my 1st goal accomplished and did find some fabric (1/2 off so i'm recovering 6 chairs for under $30!!) i'll do a before and after post later when i'm done.

the weather has been AWESOME lately so expect a good post tmrw night if olivia cooporates...


  1. Yay! Can't wait to see pics of the fabric. And as usual, she is so stinking cute!

  2. We are loving this weather as well!! Glad sweet O is feeling better!!!

  3. Love the picture of her on the table, too! And, her outfit is precious!

  4. cute pics, cute outfit, but Olivia is my favorite part of all the pics! who cares about the stuff in the background anyway...