Monday, March 21, 2011

last week...

...was pretty uneventful. let me catch you up!

last sunday i let o eat at the table b/c i was too lazy after breakfast to clean her highchair. obviously she's not quite tall enough.
i think this was tuesday. she now insists on eating all meals on the floor. this is my fault. several weeks ago i started letting her have her snack on the floor. i didn't have the foresight to see that this would turn into an every meal kind of deal. notice how she's laying down. she won't sit and eat. she lays down! it's really funny!
this was wednesday. everyday when i get o out of the car after work she FIGHTS to get back in. i don't have a clue why. on this day i let her do it b/c i didn't want to fight. she had a blast playing in the car. you moms looking for a new activity...try this!
yesterday, sunday, i went with my dad to the lady techster/rutgers game in s'port. this was the 1st round of the ncaa tournament. it was suppose to be a good game. it wasn't. but we had a good time. i forgot my camera so i jacked this off of facebook. it was adrianne johnson's last game as a techster. we certainly wish her well and lots of future success!

photo by tom morris - latech sports pix (i've bought several of this photographers photos and they are really good if you're in the market for some tech sports photos...)

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  1. Soon enough Olivia will be driving for real!