Tuesday, March 22, 2011

da bobo & a funny story

"da bobo" is a spot on o's hand she got this past saturday at the kd shamrock event. i took her just to go watch the 5k and to see all of her sitters that she loves! (and they pretty much toted her around so i didn't have to "parent" all that much and that is sometimes nice!) she was running down the road and tripped and got "da bobo" but i didn't notice it right away. so she has "da bobo" and loves to talk about it. i wish i had a pic to share. maybe i'll do that tmrw. i really just wanted to document "da bobo" b/c it's quite possibly the cutest thing i've ever heard her say. here's to her first "da bobo". :)

also, while at shamrock a man had just finished the race and was kind of bent over resting his hands on his knees and o got away from me or whomever was watching her and nearly tackled him by grabbing/wrapping around his butt and groin area. i was SO embarrassed! i grabbed her real quick and explained that she didn't know that man and shouldn't "hug" men she doesn't know. the man (who was probably more of a boy) was slightly embarrassed too but the other people with him laughed pretty good about it. gee. kids. what will she do next???

i'm calling auntie jen jen (pronounced "aunt-ie" b/c she hates it so) out b/c she STILL hasn't emailed me the pics from shamrock. if you're reading this i hope you are ashamed!! it's your fault this day didn't get blogged about!


  1. Aww...da poor baby's bobo. So cute the way I envision her saying it...And did you know that DS will call Rachel either Boo or Auntie Boo (Auntie pronounced with the same emphasis that Jenny seems to love). Ahhh -- the fun we have in coming up with these names. :)

  2. And you will have many many more of these stories in the future. So sweet!!!

  3. Jessie, I just saw your comment under one of my posts. You were right, that was a twin from Monroe, who went to St. Fred's! That's Brandon Woods and his brother is Michael. His much older sister is actually my stepmother. Small world, right?!