Monday, March 28, 2011

what am i going to do with her???

my child is a mess! both literally and figuratively. on both sat and sun mornings this past weekend she destroyed my bathroom while i was in the shower. seriously, she opened the childproof cabinet, pulled everything out and dumped out all boxes/totes. got my makeup bag, unzipped it and dumped it out. she may have played in some of the makeup. i made a big deal of telling her she made a big mess and made her help me clean it up. this morning when i was putting on my makeup she didn't do her normal routine. she usually (every day) stands right by me digging in my bag and playing with my makeup. today she wasn't interested. i'd obviously slept good and forgotten about the mess the past two mornings b/c it never dawned on me that she could be in the bathroom making another mess. when i finished my makeup i walked into the bathroom and saw the aforementioned mess only this time a bottle of tilex had been opened and dumped out. it startled me b/c obviously injestion of tilex could be deadly so i yelled, "what did you do?" (or something along those lines.) she stood up really quick and yelled back, "mess!!" i swear she said it with as much intensity as me when i asked. it was almost like she was proud of herself! i don't know how she managed to keep herself clean but not a drop was on her thank goodness; she was wearing a brand new outfit!

so...we get home after work and walk to the bathroom to clean up and she stopped in the hallway, looked into the bathroom and said, "mess!" once again, she was correct. i couldn't help but laugh. she's really cute when she says it! so i got her out of the bathroom to mop up the dried tilex and a few minutes later heard a funny noise. i walked into the kitchen and she was eating a bag of croutons that i'd thrown away at lunch. yes, she got them out of the trash. gross! who does that?!?! she immediately knew she messed up b/c she spit out what was in her mouth. even more gross! aaahhh! so then we had to clean that up. i'm really tired of cleaning up after her!

but the fact that i just laughed out loud while typing this entire post says something. i don't ever want to clean tilex up again but i wouldn't trade hearing her yell "mess!" for the world! she's precious. even when i'm trying to decide what to do with her. love her!

and she got her very first cup of yogurt with sprinkles and marshmellows on sat. courtney came to town and we went shopping and to twisted cow. wow. they have some topping options! it's like topping heaven!

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  1. Love that picture. She looks so sweet.