Tuesday, August 2, 2011

3 cute stories i don’t want to forget

these are just some random things o has said over the past week that i don’t want to forget.

yesterday while i was at work my mom dropped off some cookies for olivia.  she always wraps them like a present.  we got home and i told o that gg had left something for her and pointed to the table.  o got really excited and said, “present, present!  open, open it mama!”  i got it down and helped her open it and then heard, “cookies mama!  cookies mama!  i want to eat them mama!” 

every morning i grab a bottle of water before walking out of the door.  i also let o put her milk in the fridge so she can have it after school.  the other morning i told her it was time to go and she says, “milk fridge mama.  milk fridge.”  so i open it for her and she puts it on the bottom shelf.  then i hear, “watey mama, watey.” (she calls water “watey”.)  i said, “no olivia you just had milk.”  then she insists.  so i open the door (b/c i have to get my water anyway) and she gets excited, opens the drawer, pulls out a bottle and says, “here mama, watey.  here mama.”  she’d gotten my water for me!  so sweet!

and she has FINALLY started trying to say her own name.  she’ll say “weva” and the occasional “oweva” but it’s hard to get her to do it.  and it’s the sweetest word i’ve ever heard her say.

for so long i was so worried about her speech.  she didn’t really start talking until well after her 1st bday and when her friends were talking in sentences she was still sticking with 1 to 2 word phrases.  i have decided that she just doesn’t want to mess up the pronunciation of a word so she just doesn’t say it until it’s right.  she is pretty much talking in sentences and i can understand about 95% of it.  that’s crazy to me!  she’s still my baby!  she still won’t talk much in front of others (strangers to her) and i don’t totally understand that but she’s doing it at home and that’s what counts.  we’re also finally counting to 10 (leaving out 4 but whatever, she’s got the concept) and trying to say the abc’s.  i can tell she wants to say them with me and she does get a few of the letters but she’s not totally ready to commit to the whole thing so she kind of hums along with me.  our colors aren’t going so good.  EVERYTHING is red.  and when i say “no, this is green.” she’ll repeat green and then when i come back to it she says red again.  i just don’t get it!  i’ve been working on colors forever!  but she is only 2 so i’m not ready to have her tested for color blindness.  the way i figure it; as long as she knows them by pre-k then i’m happy.  :)  we’ll just keep working!


  1. Georgia is a year older and the only color she knows is pink!

  2. Very sweet. That is funny about the color blindness. Claudia called everything purple for the longest time. I'm glad Olivia is doing great and that her last exams went so well. She looked so brave. Good idea about hanging on to the lung x-rays for her teen years.