Wednesday, August 31, 2011

best surprise ever

after lunch today i was sitting in my cube and had posted something on fb about getting my bangs trimmed.  trivial.  i know.  my college roommate/sorority big sis (who now lives in NY) commented asking where i worked.  i thought it was an odd question but told her the place where i was in college, senior year (yes, i’m STILL there.)  she then asked the name of it.  again, i thought, this is so random.  but i told her.  about 3 minutes later she and her mom popped their heads in my cube and i think i screamed like a little girl!  and i also teared up b/c i’m an emotional person and happiness makes me cry!

(i just fished up all these old pics from a box and laid them on my table and took pics of them.  please forgive the quality.)IMG_9950 IMG_9951

i first met brandi when i pledged kd in the fall of 1999.  she was a year ahead of me and we became friends.  she ended up being my big sis.  over the next 2 years we became the best of friends.  she lived with carrie cage at the time (just down the hall from me in dudley dorm!) and the 3 of us were always together.  one memorable trip…  we decided to all get tattoos.  i went first.  i bared my butt to leroy the skank at ink slingers in monroe and i now have a nice butterfly on my lower back.  after seeing that carrie backed out and went for a belly button piercing.  she nearly passed out and brandi left there completely clean!  ha!  if either are reading this they’ll remember what happened on the way home.  i’m not sure which of their boyfriends heard our entire convo but i’m sure they had a great time making fun of me!!  i remember calling her when the twin towers were hit on 9/11 to see if she’d heard.  she came home and we sat on the couch and watched it all unfold.  i called her in the middle of the night when rett’s mom passed away b/c i knew she wouldn’t mind (and she came home and slept in the apt that night so i wouldn’t be by myself).  we ate more chips and dip in that apt than i care to think about and i know it’s b/c of her that i’m addicted to chips and dip!  we did lots of “drive-bys” of cute boy’s houses.  we danced our butts off at rabbs.  we did ridiculous diets (like cigarettes and pickels! don’t ask.)  she painted the majority of my party cups and never complained about it!  we gossiped, we laughed and we cried.  the memories are just too many to list.

before “bikers and babes” which i believe was fall party.  this was our apt so it had to have been my junior year. 


my jr year/her sr year we decided to be roommates in an apt on barnett springs.  that place is so sketch now but back then it was home!  we probably lived together for about a year and a half.  we didn’t leave that apt on the best of terms but we both grew up and reconnected shortly after college.  she and her mom have always held a special place in my heart!  her parents always treated me like i was one of their own.  the last time i saw her was at her wedding to matt in hot springs just over 6 years ago.  and she hasn’t changed a bit!

it was SOOO GREAT seeing them today and i am just on cloud 9.  brandi had flown in today and her mom had picked her up in monroe.  they came to ruston b/c her mom wanted to show her everything that had changed.  and they took time to come see me.  i know you’ll read this brandi so thank you!  it made my day/month/year!

now, if you’ll send me that pic we took today i’ll edit this post to add it! :)


  1. Oh how cool! What a great coincidence that ya'll were in the same place! Did I tell you... when I moved, I found a picture of you, Brandi, me, and Lacey from Big Sis/Little Sis day at Hideaway? I'll have to show you!

  2. What a fun surprise! And...I guess now Gayla Raye knows about the tattoo. :)

  3. Those party pics are pretty sweet!

  4. I love this post (tear) so sweet! You are one of my great friends and always will be. Glad I got to see you if only for 5 minutes! Hugs,
    Your awesome big sis!