Sunday, August 14, 2011

tech fan fest

after church and a quick lunch today we headed to the tac for fan fest.  i’ll be honest.  we weren’t there to meet the players.  (even though we had to walk in with them b/c we were late!)  that’s just not our thing.  we go for the fun girly things; jumping, cheerleaders, dancers, champ, tech xx.  you get the point.  well…  maybe o wasn’t quite ready for all that this year.  she still hates champ, wasn’t interested in the cheerleaders or dancers, wanted to jump but was scared of all the big kids and was barely interested in tech xx (and considering her love of all animals i was shocked.)  after she finally got off my hip she walked around for a little while and then i finally called it quits.  and she cried the whole way out wanting to jump.  it will be better next year!

IMG_9907 IMG_9898 IMG_9900 IMG_9903 IMG_9906

this shirt she’s wearing…that was a dress last year.  my baby is growing up!  and for all those wondering (b/c i know that you are SOOO interested in our lives!  ha!) potty training was a complete bust.  but it’s ok.  we’ll just wait a while and try again later.  but this pic was cute of her in her minnie mouse panties that she picked out.


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  1. Our potty training went bust too! We were good for a couple of weeks, then she just decided she wanted to wear a diaper again. Guess we'll just try this exercise at a later time. Olivia looks so cute in her Tech dress!