Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Boredom at its finest

Jenny got a new wand thingy to curl ur hair with. From all accounts this is the new hot item in hair curling devices. It's basically a curling iron barrel without the clamp part. So... We practiced with it tonight!

I LOVE when people play with my hair. That alone may be my love language so this was right up my ally.

It's WAY curly right after. U gotta work it out some. Just FYI.

When she was finished I wasn't ready for her to quit so I talked her into French braiding my hair.

And that my friends is sisterly love. Maybe she'll play with my hair more often now that she has a new toy!

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  1. Omg -- you have ALWAYS loved for somebody to play with your hair!

  2. I tell everyone that I can't wait for the day Olivia wants to play with my hair. I try to get her to do it now, but it usually results in a Dora comb stuck in my hair.

  3. Your hair looked fabulous! That curler thing works well.