Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weekend highs and lows

Let's start with the highs. O had a present waiting for her on fri night when we got home from school. Thanks Billingsley's!

Then I showed her new room to her and we played and played. I have 3 precious videos that won't upload so just trust me! Then we picked up pizza and had a picnic on the floor. We watched Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty and Rudolph. Fun!!

O had to sleep with me last night bc I didn't have sheets for her new bed yet. Let's just say that I've had better nights sleep. It was awful!! Neither of us slept. So this morning we headed to Monroe for sheets, pics with Santa and a to do list a mile long. We only accomplished the first two items listed. Sometimes the to do list must wait as to not subject the general public to an irrational 2 year old.

Quick ride on the carousel.

Once home I washed her new sheets and got her room ready.

And she's snug as a bug in a rug as I type this. She did get out once but I think it's bc she was so tired. The poor girl didn't know her own name tonight!!

Night night!!

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