Thursday, December 29, 2011


O's daycare has been closed this week for the holiday so I took 3 days off. We closed at 3 last thurs, were closed Friday and then I didn't go back until today. It was sooo nice! Monday it rained ALL DAY LONG. so we just hung out at home and played with all of our new toys! Tuesday was a beautiful day so we did a little shopping downtown, had lunch with our friends sheree and drew and then spent the afternoon at the park.

Tuesday night when I put o to bed I asked her if she wanted to sing. She said, and I quote, "no sing mama. Shut the door." I guess she was tired!! Wednesday we spent running a few errands and taking down Christmas. When she got up from her nap she was so confused! Kept asking where the star was from the top of the tree. Poor thing. I went back to work today but I have a little treat for myself tmrw. Seasons couldn't fit me in while I was off so I'm going for a mini microdermabrasion right after work! I'm pumped!! I can't wait for my next free weekend so I can use my gift card to there that I got for Christmas!! It was a fab long weekend and I so enjoyed so much one on one time with my little girl. She's growing up so fast and learning so quickly. Makes my heart smile and cry at the same time. She's two so some days are trying but I wish I could bottle her up and keep her this age forever. It really is so much fun! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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