Monday, June 18, 2012

Beach trip!!

O and I had a fabulous vacation! We went with Janie McGehee and her daughter Millie Marie and her sister Jackie. And Shelley Hendrix and her daughter Avie. MM is abt to be 2 and Avie is abt to be 4. O is in between the 2. We beached it and swam and went out to eat... Great time!!

We arrived at the condo abt 5:30 on Tuesday and immediately put on our suits and headed out. When we got to the beach o yelled "SAND!!!"

And took off running!

We went in abt 7 and Jackie bathed the kids while we went and picked up dinner.

Wednesday morning we went to the beach then lunch then naps then swimming then dinner at lulu's! Side note-when going to the beach with kids that nap get a ground floor unit. They napped and we laid out by the pool no more than 10 yards from our back door. It couldn't have been planned better!

Riding a dolphin at a souvenir shop.

Thursday we swam all day long and then Jackie kept the kids so the three of us could have a night out.

Friday was our last day and we repeated day 1. Beach, lunch, swim, nap, swim, dinner.

Note to self. Straps are a good thing when u need a lift! :)

O ended up LOVING the ocean. I was so glad! She got tumbled over by a wave and came running up to my chair screaming "that's not yummy mama!!"

We came home Saturday. It was a great trip and hopefully we can do it again another time!

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