Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dentists and cupcakes

It went well! Amanda is AMAZING with kids. She made o so comfortable in the chair.

First she showed o how the chair moved and then let her play with all the equipment.

After scraping with the metal thing o decided she'd had enough. So I left the room. From the waiting room I heard lots of screaming. Amanda compromised with her and instead of using the electric tooth brush they used a regular tooth brush at the sink. And then she got a few surprises.

And a certificate for no cavities. O made sure I had that when we got home today!

She had very little plaque build up that I'm shocked about bc I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the best tooth brusher in town. :) hopefully she got my good teeth DNA.

After the appt I surprised o with lunch at Johnny's with her best friend, drew cramer. It's rare I'm in a position to take her to lunch with friends so I take advantage when I can.

And after work we visited the new cupcake shop in town. It was opening day. The cupcakes were spot on! And the mint lemonade was extremely refreshing. Look at the pink stripe straw! Cute! O had a strawberry cupcake and I had the red velvet and also a peach mini just to try. :)

And for personal records, today was her first day in the 3 year old class at Emmanuel. Mrs. Brooksie is really nice and o seems to like her. Hope this is a good fit!

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  1. social bites opened a retail shop. next to the dixie. yum!!

  2. Hey Jessie! I'm finally back in the blogging world! Your little girl is precious! We are taking Anna to the dentist soon & I hope it goes smooth as well! The cupcakes look delish too! :-)