Sunday, June 3, 2012

Weekend fun

My blog titles are so blah. Anyway. Friday night o and I went on a date to Johnny's. I love our nights that it's just us and we have no time restrictions, no bedtimes and no meltdowns! I'm working on her shyness and making her do things out of her comfort zone. So that night I had her go to the counter by herself and ask for a to-go box. She made it up there but was whispering and the girl working couldn't understand her so I had to step in. But she tried so I praised her!

Saturday started early with swimming lessons. Stacy and I have had one heck of a time coordinating our schedules but we've managed to get all of the lessons piece-milled together! This year we're working on kicking and going under. Once her core muscles are better we'll progress to kicking on a board and once comfortable with her head under water for extended periods of time we'll introduce arms. This year I just wanted her to learn to stay afloat!

We went straight from there to drew's birthday party. Drew is o's best friend if you ask her! And I'm ok with that bc she's precious and comes from good people!

This pic just cracks me up!

Miss Alecia came to stay with o after nap and I went to a crawfish boil. The boy and his best friend do this every year. It was at this party last year that I asked him to be my date to Courtney's wedding just as friends. He wasn't introduced to the blog until abt 6 months later and not to facebook until last week. :)

We went to church this morning and when o wakes up we're headed to Monroe.

One work week and then we're headed back to the beach!!

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