Saturday, June 30, 2012

My baby is home!!

So today was all about her. I wouldn't call it spoiling her. More like a big welcome home!! :) we started at the farmers market and then on to hudson's birthday party. It was at the fire station and they learned all kinds of stuff!

Inside the ambulance.

Emery made a fire truck to play in. It was precious!

Releasing the balloons after the party!

Then we went swimming with Hudson, Reynolds, Ella Claire and carter. We stayed for about 3 hours and she's a little sun burned. Oops. Next time I'll reapply!

After a 2 hour nap we went for yogurt.

And then to cook park! At 8 pm it was still in the high 90s. Too hot!!

O loves to take pics. This one actually turned out!

And the two funnies for the day. While in the shower this morning o apparently went through my purse. When I got out she met me at the bathroom door and said, "I'm so pretty!" this is what I saw. She'd also been in the perfume... I need a nanny. :)

Then later today she got into my shoes.

Lipstick and wedges. I'm in for a wild ride come her teenage years, I'm afraid!!

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  1. You are totally in for a wild ride! Welcome home Olivia. I love her choice in lipstick.