Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First day of pre-k 3

I realize that she's at the same place she's been for over a year now. And while in the younger classes she learned all sorts of good stuff. But today was special. She officially started school. With rules. And a supply list. And homework!

So I dressed her up and broke the shoe rule. Because today was a big day!

She packed her purse with necessities like rubber ducks, a mirror, a brush, bracelets and bouncy balls.

Jenny came over this morning for the photos!

O was the leader today. Kinda fitting since she thinks she's the boss. Her teacher sent me this pic of her working.

We got an outline of what they'll learn this month and a note on working on math skills at home. Serious business that pre-k!!

And o told me at lunch that one of the new girls in her class will also be in her dance class which also starts tonight! Fun times!

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