Sunday, October 21, 2012

Great weekend

We had a most fab weekend. Started Friday after work. We went to the Wilkerson's with the Nappers and carved pumpkins and ate pizza! Well, the mamas carved (cut the top off and scooped the guts) and the kids painted. Lots of funny one liners from the mouths of babes!

Jenny and John showed up on their way to a Halloween party!

Saturday started with Kaden's birthday party.

And then to the tailgate/game. I asked o to take a pic of me and Matt. I think it turned out ok!

And then she insisted on me taking their pic!

LOVES Jackie!

She really "got" what a cheerleader is this week. She said the boys hold up the girls on one leg. And insisted she do the same. We practiced at the tailgate and then perfected it at the game. :)

Great times with pops!

I let her go down to buy a water by herself. She ALMOST did it. She went down there and the nice boy tried to get her to tell him what she wanted but she just couldn't say it loud enough. I intervened and thanked him for participating in my attempt to "unshy" my child.

I'm hoping I'm making some memories with her.

She made it about 2 minutes into the 3rd quarter. But I hate leaving early! At 70-21 going into the 4th we called it a night. She slept all the way to the car and for the 20 minute ride home and on into bed. The girl was tired!

Being silly at lunch.

She wanted a belt to wear to choir tonight so I found one of mine and wrapped it around her. And then she modeled it. And model she did. :)

I'm tired just typing all that. Next weekend is shaping up to be just as busy. But I do love it. :)

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