Sunday, October 28, 2012

Worn out!

Another BUSY weekend has come and gone. Saturday we had 3 parties to attend. Luke alexander turned 3 at 10 am. Anders Mcgehee turned 1 at 4:30 and avie hendrix had a Halloween party at 5. And I'm proud to say we made them all. Some we were early for and some we were late for but that happens when trying to squeeze too much into one day!

O was a funky fairy for anders and avie's parties.

I wish u could see her side ponytail better!

It was great seeing shelley and her fam and spending time with janie and Millie Marie. We also saw some other old friends we hadn't seen in a while.

Today was a big day for o. She sang in church for the first time. Well, more accurately, she stood in church. But it could have been worse. She didn't run out crying so it was a moral victory for her! Lol!

Thank goodness for Preston parker and Cullen clark. It may have been silent up there if it weren't for them! They were all precious!! GG, pops, jenny, jackie, john, brock and Matt all came to church to watch her. It was fun having everyone there! We nearly took up a whole pew!

After a family lunch we went to the KD pumpkin party. Miss shelby was the highlight of that party. O loves her babysitters!

Then to Trinity's fall festival. She didn't want to do anything but the petting zoo. So that's what we did!

We are all pretty worn out!!

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