Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012 and ear infection

O's class party was today. She was so excited to take the Cheetos to the party! LOL!

We skipped trick-or-treating in favor of attending dance. Hopefully next year she'll be more apt to actually walk up to a stranger. It just wasn't happening this year!

Back on monday o wasn't napping at school so mrs. Brooksie apparently thought it was a good idea to let her roam the hallways and eat cookies. Heck, I'd refuse nap in favor of that too! Love you Brooksie! :)

The Halloween ghost visited o Monday night/Tuesday morning. She got a few new books!

So I took her to school with her new books and got a text abt an hour later that it wasn't a good day. O was crying and saying her ear hurt. Also got pics that would break any mama's heart. My mom was on her way so rett went and got her and kept her until mom got here. We made an appt to go see aunt jenny at 1:30.

So our first "we need to see a dr bc of an ear infection." She had 2 ear infections when she was little both on the heels of rsv. Had we not been going back for re-checks of that we would have never known abt the ears. That's why I consider this her first "real" ear infection. Looking back I still feel like those first few winters were TOUGH but am so thankful that we didn't have ear issues. I have friends that live with ear issues and it does not sound like something I want to do! I'm also thankful we now have aunt jenny to fix our snotty nose and bad ears. But for anything real serious she's telling me we have to see our real dr. I don't blame her. She doesn't want o to think she's the bad guy!

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