Friday, February 1, 2013

missy from louisiana

ok.  this is a first for me.  i’m not usually a matchmaker but here goes nothing!  kelly at kelly’s korner has this link-up every friday and today is show us your singles!

missy is AMAZING!  she’s early 30s, fun, outgoing, independent.  when i asked her to tell me about herself this is the response i got:

missy is the blondphoto (2)

“Hmm…I’m independent, have a crazy but close family, I think I have a good sense of humor and try to always find humor in things, my job is academic compliance for athletics which I have a love/hate relationship with because I love helping the kids but they can also drive me crazy, love the water (except for when it’s leaking in my house) and outdoors but am definitely not an “outdoorsy” person, love attending and watching athletic events but am the least athletic person in the world, am a freakishly good speller and actually won a spelling bee back in junior high, can’t do math but am CPR/First Aid certified so while I can’t add I could save a person’s life if they needed me to which I think is more important than math anyway, yes, my nephews are my world, would love to see the world except that I hate to travel, also love the idea of the beach except that I hate sand, love to read but typically only read trashy romance novels, still not sure what I want to be when I grow up, have a slight obsession with kneeboots and heels, addicted to Diet Coke and couldn’t live without it or without chocolate or salt, my two favorite holidays are Christmas and my birthday….and now I’m out of ideas.”photo (1)

and all of that is true.  i met missy in college.  she’s 2 years ahead of me but we kind of hit it off.  she was a trainer for the football team in college and LOVES football.  she loves the kentucky derby and white wine.  her nephews really are her heart; but she’s fabulous with all kids.  just ask o.  my daughter loves her some miss missy!  most importantly she introduced me to the boy.  and i cannot thank her enough for that.  so if her BFF is the boy then you know she’s got to be pretty great herself!  she has a masters from southern miss but missed little old ruston enough to move back.  she was the football teams “mama” for several years before taking her current job – NCAA compliance cord. 

so leave me a comment if you know of a GREAT, deserving man.  ruston is a college town where good, professional, mid-30 men are hard to find!  hope this works!!

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