Sunday, February 10, 2013

We are alive!

Yesterday Olivia finally got out of the house after a week of being cooped up. I talked to 3 medical professionals that assured me she was ok to be in public despite the hacking cough and low grade fever that appears in the afternoon. So we got dressed saturday and headed to ronin for lunch, to the dollar tree to spend her money pops gave her while in the boro last week and then home to chill before the basketball game! I think it did her good to get out bc she woke up this morning sounding better than she has in 2 weeks! Still coughing but that's going to last a while from all accounts.

Practicing some chopstick use. She actually did pretty well!

She chose a Cinderella book. I wasn't surprised in the least.

She did really good at the game. She pretty much sat in pops lap the whole time. Dad got mad at a ref at one point and basically "tossed" o to the side so he could stand up to yell. It was pretty funny!

The guys are now 21-3, undefeated at home, undefeated in the WAC and looking really good. If you haven't been to a game you really need to go! They are fun to watch!

Friday night we had Sheree's baby shower at the warehouse which happens to be one of my favorite restaurants! We cannot wait to meet baby Kate in less than a month!

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