Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dr Seuss week!

Call me a nerd. I don't care. If there's an event at school we are participating. From the mundane to the big to-dos.

I'm not sure what went on Monday and Tuesday but we did it up right Wednesday and Thursday (today). Wednesday was my scheduled day to read to her class. We chose green eggs and ham. And bc I chose the worst work week ever to go overboard as a parent I decided we needed to take green eggs with us. So Tuesday night I stayed up way past my bedtime dying the eggs my mom so graciously boiled for me earlier in the day. O wore her fabulous dr Seuss dress made by her very own great aunt linda.

Today was "dress as your favorite character day". I think o was the only one in her class to dress up! But I'm not going to let a dress up day get past me! It's so much fun to dress up!!

And. The bad news. Today was brooksie's last day. I've shed many a tear over this fact the past two weeks. O will be fine. I know that. I'm more worried about me! Brooksie became a friend. And I'm not going to see her everyday like I'm used to. And who's going to send me pics/texts/stories of O almost everyday? And will the new teacher let o color during nap so she'll sleep at night??? How do I approach that with the new teacher?!? Will the new teacher love o like I do. Bc I know Brooksie loves my child!! She loves all those kids. And let me assure you that they love her! And that's so important to me. So mom took o shopping Tuesday to get her a gift. O picked out a necklace and a "pocket angel". And she wanted to write a note to Brooksie so mom dictated it for her.

O gave it to Brooksie on Wednesday. We both cried! I wish her well in her new career. But I secretly wish I could afford to send her back to school, get her certified in all grades and let her be o's teacher until high school graduation. Bc that would make my life so much easier. Sadly it's not all about me! Dang it!!

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  1. All the Suess fun!! Love that! You've got yourself the cutest cat in the hat. =) Good job with the green eggs and ham!