Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fun times!

Matt came home from Vegas Monday and we were so excited to see him!

On Tuesday o got to stay with gg all day at Jenny's new house. I met them at princess camp at lunch and it was so much fun! They learned how to walk, sit, hold their dresses, got their makeup done, etc.

And then, according to mom, o single handedly unloaded the pantry into the new house.

Jackie called me at work about 4:30 and asked if o could go spend the night with her. She was SOOO excited.

They watched beauty and the beast about 30 times.

Dad brought o back this afternoon and she had to stay at my office until rett could get her at 5. It was a long hour while I tried to get things done but she did really well. She was quiet and didn't bother my coworkers so that's all I really cared about!

So o had a mini vaca during this spring break week. I love that she gets that one on one time with her aunts/uncles!!

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