Sunday, July 14, 2013

O's weekend of fun.

O got home Friday night after a 7 day vacation with her dad. To say I missed her is the understatement of the year. So I decided to clear my calendar of any to-dos (except Missy's bday party bc I knew I could take her) and dedicate the entire weekend to her.

So Friday night after she got home we sat on the couch and snuggled and she just talked my ear off. And it was music to my ears. Then she remembered she had pets so we checked on them and decided to let them exercise.

Saturday we started with lunch at sundown-her choice.

And then to the park. Where the ducks practically ate out of her hands.

And then to social bites for a sweet treat.

And finally Saturday night ended with Missy's bday party. She is 29. Again.

This one kind of sums up the night.... She loves her uncles.

We left after the band started to avoid any comments about having a kid at a bar and left the real partying to the kidless peeps. But needless to say we still had a great time!

This morning we slept until 9!! And headed to Monroe to spend the day at Jackie's in-laws swimming and frying fish.

And o was asleep before we were out of frenchmen's bend. And if you know my child then you know this isn't normal. So she fell asleep abt 7, slept the whole way home and didn't fight me AT ALL to go straight to bed when I got her out of the car. I can't decide if she's getting sick or if her vaca with her dad is catching up to her. Guess we'll know in the morning!

I'm so glad she's home and haven't wanted to take my eyes off her all weekend. Unfortunately I have to go to work tomorrow.....

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