Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Skating party

After our fun filled weekend we geared up for Avie's 5th birthday party. It was at skatetown last night. O had never skated so I was worried she'd be scared. But nope! Took to it like she was a 4 year old pro!

O and Amelia.

O, Millie Marie, Amelia.

I somehow left the party without taking a picture of the birthday girl. Happy birthday Avie!

And I just need to document o's first lunch date. I've been driving around with Brice's birthday present since may. Sad. So I told o and Brooke to deliver it yesterday. I texted Brice's mom and told her they were going to swing by and she invited them to lunch at their family store. So Brooke took o. And the date went smoothly from what I hear. I like how far apart they were sitting.

Lunch followed by iPad time. Match made in heaven!

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