Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dallas trip

Back early summer I found out that the lion king would be in Dallas. I first saw it on Broadway in high school and have never forgotten it. It is AMAZING. So when I saw it was going to be in Dallas I called Matt and told him to make sure he was off this weekend and I stalked ticketmaster and got tickets. This was opening weekend so I knew it'd be packed. I could only get balcony seats and if you've ever seen it then you know why it's important to get orchestra but we made due.

We left yesterday morning and made a day of it. I'd never been to the Texas state fair and you get in free with the lion king tickets so we went abt 3 hours early to see what it was all about. We saw big tex, ate some Texas nachos, watched football, looked at cars, rode the sky way and stopped by a first aid tent for o's blisters. The nurse (Matt) scored her some band aids and all was right in the world again.

Above: o's first ride on public transportation. She loved it and was sad we couldn't do it again today! For future reference, the DART is great!

On the sky way!

Standing in tony romo's steps and palming his ball.

Finally time for the show!

I think we'll be going back in march for this one.

Or maybe February for this one? This could become an expensive habit.

In our seats. Skittles for supper. Don't judge.

The best we could get of her in front of the stage.

The show did not disappoint. And o stayed awake the whole time. It wasn't over until abt 10:30. She clapped like crazy between scenes. Sang along. Laughed. At the end I asked her what her fav part was. She responded, all of it! On the DART ride back to the hotel the older lady sitting next to her asked her and the answer was the same. With a huge grin. :) but we did agree that rafiki was the best. O called the show "wild". Lol!

This morning we headed out to grapevine for lunch at rainforest cafe and then to the galleria to ice skate. The skating was her prize for having all super stamps every day since school has started. She's really been looking forward to it and telling me every day that she was good so she could ice skate!

I hadn't ice skated in abt 18 years. Matt had never done it. And o is 4. This had disaster written all over it. But it went well. She got quicker with each lap. I was able to stay in front for photos and Matt didn't fall! As soon as I put on the skates and stood up it all came back to me. Not that I was ever good (we only did it abt once a year growing up) but I can actually skate. Not just slip and slide! Lol! But I'm definitely not fast!!!

It was such a fun, quick trip. And I can't wait to do more fun weekend trips with her!!

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